How to Bluff at a Poker Game

Do You Have A Strong Poker Face?

Sometimes a bluff is nothing more than something disguised as one. It is meant to trick the other players. You do not always need something grand in measure. Sometimes the simplest of moves make the point without making the point.

1) Hollywood Comes To Play

This is not the real name. The real name is Hollywood Shove Your Monster Hands Down the River. This play works great if you are playing the macro stakes. The hands that work well with this non-bluff is Set, Straight, Flush, and Full House.

What you let the time wear down. The idea is to make the other players think you are thinking about what to do. This is where the "Hollywood" name comes into play. Do you know how some Hollywood agents pretend to think something over when in reality, they have already made their decision?

The same rules apply here. You go all in as soon as the last second runs out. They will call you on it. That is the point because they think you are bluffing. That is why this move works. Once again, you should only play this move when you know what you are doing.

2) Make The Other Players Think You Are the Weak-Minded One

That is one of the better moves you can use. That is where the psychology comes into play. You are manipulating the other players through transference. The idea to make the other players think you are loose and erratic. The idea is to get them to call your moves. You are not going to be able to bluff your way through it if the other players think you are the smart one.

Once again, it comes down to psychology and the art of transference. You need to get them to think you are just like them. They will not be able to see it coming when it does. If you want to know more about judi online come visit our site.